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Customized Experiential & Blended Learning

Over 60 000 delegates have benefited from our andragogy, based on experiential and blended learning. It caters to both horizontal (technical) and vertical (courage, EQ, awareness) competency development.

We know that work environments and individuals are unique, which requires customised solutions. Therefore, we use action-research and change readiness criteria, to ensure that that clients see the organizational shifts they seek. Matched with an appropriate OD intervention, our learning solutions prepare the organisation to receive new skills to allow for maximum ROI.

We make use of practical learning experiences, business simulations, immersions, flip classroom and technology-enabled offerings to develop horizontal and vertical competencies simultaneously for future fit skills.

Learning & Development: Services

Executive Circuit

This programme is exclusively pitched for Executive and Senior Managers. It commences with a 2-day co-authoring session, whereby delegates co-design what skills, exposure and benchmarking they need to cover. A combination of 360s, master classes, coaching, industry breakfasts, power hours and Pulse ensures maximum ROI for as little as 4 hours per month.

International Immersions

Exposure to different countries, cultures and ways of work can be an enlightening experience. India with the 2nd largest population, a growing economy and an emerging tech hub offers much inspiration and opportunity. Coupled with an accredited course at Mumbai University and customized to your organization's industry, this can be an incredible catalyst for growth.

Talent Development

We equip HiPo's with the skills, knowledge and courage that they need prior to stepping into a new role. The programme is customized to Middle and Junior Managers to fill the gaps they may have for the next level. With experiential learning and customized support, on average 72% of our delegates are promoted within 6 months of completion.


Over 45 000 delegates have engaged with one of our 15 customizable simulations or had one created specifically for the company. From running a pop-up restaurant from scratch to making chocolate, horizontal and vertical competency development is an experience within itself.


Regardless of what one needs to address, we have several immersions that can be customized or have one created from scratch. From becoming the undercover boss for a day, or discovering leadership with special forces to the worst and best customer service Joburg has to offer.


Facilitation, Workshops, Master Classes, Power Hours and Guest Talks for CPD, NQF-accredited courses and internal academies. We draw on a large community of business school and global faculty to ensure that you are able to get the results you seek.

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Learning & Development

Learning & Development

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All Categories

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