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The Paladin Approach

Ethical Arrow NPC 

PBO Number: 930073941

Creating Futures for our Children

Our intention is to co-author and discover what works in helping our schools on the continent of Africa excel and be the best versions of themselves they can be. Our research and past has informed us that in order to drive wide scale social change over time, you need to empower and support the various stakeholders of a school. It starts with the most impactful stakeholder, the principal and their senior team. 

The Paladin Programme empowers senior management, that in turn, own and direct the change within the school and surrounding communities. Support these leaders and invite them into the community of practice to enhance social learning and change starts to unfold. 

We aim to develop senior management teams from all over Africa, support them, allow them to become part of the community and effect wide scale social change in the area of education.

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