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Action-Research & Evidence-Driven

Strong in research, WillShift is able to provide evidence-based decision-making fostering confidence. With over 20 years of experience and high exposure to industries locally and abroad, WillShift assists in avoiding nuanced pitfalls.

WillShift's tech-enabled IP, Pulse, provides a platform for continued measurement and evaluation. Therefore, one is provided with insights at every stage of implementation.

Organisational Development: Services

Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry is a solutions-based approach, which allows for individuals to share their issues while simultaneously providing possible solutions. The process distills what is favorable and should be kept. Respondents identify quick wins, which can be vetted for implementation. This process has multiple applications.

Culture & Climate

WillShift's Culture and Climate uses both quantitative and qualitative findings. We adopt stratified sampling for qualitative research, ensuring that a cross-section of the organisation is engaged in the process. A minimum of 10% of the organisation is engaged in the qualitative Appreciative Inquiry process to ascertain causes and not symptoms alone.

Change Management

Be it a merger, acquisition or an organizational change, providing a defined process for an ambiguous change is critical. Balancing academic rigor, organizational research and practical experience, we assist with the design, introduction, implementation and monitoring of change initiatives.

Organisational Development: List
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